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Alternative Routes to Certification

Teacher helps students with tablets


ARTC can help you earn a teaching certificate as:

Teacher of a “Critical Need” or Another Selected Subject

Schools are often challenged to find enough certified teaching candidates in certain subjects like art, business, English, English Language Learners, library/media, math, music, science, secondary special education, engineering/technology, world languages, and family/consumer sciences. ARTC identifies highly qualified teaching candidates in one of those content areas and guides them through the process of finding a teaching position in their field in a DE public school and gaining a standard teaching certificate.


Teacher of Students with Special Needs

Through our Master’s Plus Certification Program (MPCP) you can earn standard certificates in Exceptional Children and a content area as well as a master’s degree. In a school’s attempt to meet its commitment to provide a relevant and challenging education for every student, it relies on the specific expertise and skills of its teachers of children with special needs.  A two-year intensive graduate degree program, MPCP accepts candidates who have a bachelor’s degree but no education courses and allows them to work during the first year as a full-time, paid paraprofessional in a special needs classroom and the second year as the full-time, paid special needs teacher of record – all while completing coursework for their standard certificates in Exceptional Children and a content area as well as a master’s degree.


School Library/Media Specialist

The school library is often the nerve center of student learning, especially in schools committed to 21st century, student-centered, hands-on education. The school library/media specialist collaborates with all teachers as well as off-site resources in leading students through independent research, guided learning and literary appreciation at all levels.


Teacher of English Language Learners

Qualified undergraduate English and English Education majors at the University of Delaware may choose to apply to the Teaching English Language Learner (TESL) 4+1 program. Through this program, you can earn a B.A in English/English Education and an MA in Teaching English Language Learner in 5 years, rather than a traditional four-year bachelors degree and a two-year masters degree.