Please fill out an ARTC Application to confirm eligibility.  Doing so does not commit you to anything; it simply allows us to review your credentials and send you information about next steps so that you can make an informed decision about participating.
You will receive an email confirming your eligibility and outlining the next steps to take.


  • DO NOT have transcripts sent directly from your college or university. Always send them yourself so you can be sure your current name, phone and email address are WITH the transcript. There is a section on the application to attach your transcript(s).
  • DO send all your transcripts together, rather than in bits and pieces.
  • DO scan your transcripts as simple, low-resolution black-and-white DOCUMENTS, not as high-resolution color photos suitable for enlarging to poster size. A pdf or word document works best. Please esnure they are legible.

Non-US Degrees
If you have a degree from a foreign university, you must have your transcripts translated and evaluated into course-by-course U.S. college equivalents before they can be reviewed for ARTC eligibility. For a complete list, visit