Q: Can I teach grades K – 5 through ARTC?

A: Only as a teacher of Art, Music, or a World Language.  Elementary teachers are not in “critical need”.

Q: If I get hired will I earn less salary as an ARTC candidate?

A: No, ARTC candidates earn the same salary and benefits as other full-time, highly qualified teachers.

Q: Do I need a certain GPA to qualify for ARTC?

A: We currently look for a GPA of 3.0 to align with entrance requirements of other traditional teacher preparation programs in DE; however, if a GPA is just short of 3.0, we consider factors like GPA in the “critical needs” subject, professional accomplishments since graduation and unusual life circumstances (illness, hardship, etc.).

Q: Can I be in ARTC and work as a substitute or part-time?

A: No, ARTC candidates must be full-time teachers of a “critical needs” subject.

Q: In what schools would I be eligible to work as an ARTC candidate?

A: Any Delaware public school district, charter school, or any Catholic School in the Diocese of Wilmington.


For more information, contact the ARTC office.