Financial aid and support

University of Delaware College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) discounts tuition by over 60% for DE teachers and DE residents.

If you teach in any of the following content areas, you are eligible for the state of Delaware’s Critical Need Scholarship for TeachersSpecial Education, Math, Science, English, Foreign Language, ELL, Family Consumer Science, Business Education, AgriScience, and Immersion.  This scholarship offers reimbursement for two courses per academic year; if you are earning certification in a non-special education content area, we recommend you use this reimbursement to cover credited courses (since the non-credit courses you are required to take are less expensive).   Please understand the following:

  • You must earn a grade of a “C” or higher to be eligible for course reimbursement
  • You can only submit for reimbursement once the course has been completed and the grade appears on your transcript
  • Reimbursement timelines vary; reimbursement is often not issued before tuition is due for your next class; therefore, you cannot rely on or wait for your reimbursement in order to fund your next scheduled course
  • Your course schedule is determined based on state mandated deadlines in an attempt to evenly and appropriately distribute a manageable course load; therefore, taking more than 2 courses per year is unavoidable. You will need to pay some tuition out-of-pocket.


The ACCESS Center of the Office of Professional and Continuing Education has a few limited small grants for which ARTC candidates can apply.  Ask Michelle Parnell, Manager of ACCESS Center for information (302-831-8843 or

The ARTC process requires completing prescribed courses and passing subject assessments and a performance assessment.

All costs are subject to increase.

Non-Special Education Content Area   Special Education Content Area
License Application* $100 License Application* $100
ARTC Introductory Seminars $1,000 Pre-requisite Online Module $200
Teaching Methods Seminar ***$1,000 ARTC Introductory Seminars $1,000
EDUC 622 $2,100 EDUC 680 $2,100
EDUC 614 $2,100 EDUC 681 $2,100
EDUC 658 $2,100 EDUC 757 $2,100
Praxis Exam ***$120 EDUC 674 $2,100
edTPA scoring** $300 EDUC 673 OR 745 OR 653 $2,100
Estimated Total Cost ***$8,820 Praxis Exam
(content area)
Praxis Exam
(Special Ed)
edTPA scoring** $300
Estimated Total Cost $12,340

*License Application fee is refunded once the state of Delaware verifies your employment

**The state of Delaware reimburses $100 once you have passed the edTPA

***World Language teachers are required to take a credited methods course at the rate of $2,013 and can take either the Praxis exam or the ACTFL, which costs $150-$200, making estimated total cost of program $10,000


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