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Alternative Routes to Certification

Courses and Costs

What will ARTC cost?

Financial aid and support

University of Delaware Graduate School of Education (GSE) discounts tuition by 62% for DE teachers and DE residents.

State Critical Needs Scholarship (CNS)  reimburses tuition for courses required for certification taken during the fall and spring semesters.  CNS reimbursement requests MUST go through the district, charter school, or Diocese of Wilmington human resources office and is subject to their requirements as well. Ask your HR director for more information. (see attached form)  

Special Institute Scholarship covers full tuition for all four EDUC courses (not the ARTC seminars). You must complete an application and submit your Praxis Core passing scores. There are limited funds; applicants often must wait till scholarships become available. Ask ARTC coordinator about this (302-831-1100). (see form)

The ACCESS Center of the Office of Professional and Continuing Education has a few limited small grants for which ARTC candidates can apply.  Ask ACCESS Center about those (302-831-2743).

Troops to Teachers: If you have served or are serving in the US Armed Forces, you may qualify for a special transitional program called “Troops to Teachers.”

The ARTC process requires completing 5 courses and passing Praxis Core and Praxis II.

Requirement Cost Reimbursement
Praxis Core – Reading, Writing, Math
  • $135 for 3 or
  • $85 each
Praxis II – Your subject
  • $115 Multiple Choice
  • $139 MC + Constructed Response
  • $150 World Languages
ARTC Seminars 1, 2, 3 – Non-credit continuing ed.
  • $300 each
EDUC 658 – Discipline and Classroom Management – 3-credit Grad School of ED (GSE)
  • $1875* tuition
  • $80-$90 fees (summer $95)
  • GSE discounted cost to DE educators is subject to increases in future
State Critical Needs Scholarship (CNS)  – Reimburse tuition only for Fall and Spring but NOT Summer and Winter
EDUC 614 – Teaching the Exceptional Adolescent – 3-credit GSE
  • $1875* tuition
  • $80-$90 fees (summer $95)
  • GSE discounted cost to DE educators is subject to increases in future
State CNS – Reimburse tuition only for Fall and Spring but NOT Summer and Winter
EDUC 749 – Teaching Methods – 3-credit GSE (usually Fall)
  • $1875* tuition
  • $80-$90 fees (summer $95)
  • $100 assessment fee
State CNS – Fall & Spring only. No reimbursement for assessment fee.
EDUC 622 – Literacy in the Content Area – 3-credit GSE (usually offered in Spring)
  • $1875* tuition
  • $80-$90 fees (summer $95)
State CNS – Fall & Spring only.
**Licensure (effective 1/15/16)
  • $100 fee (1st license application)
edTPA Scoring (effective July, 2016)
  • $300 fee

Normally, if a candidate receives the State Critical Needs Scholarship (CNS) reimbursement each time it is available, he/she will have to spend approximately $3600 in non-reimbursed fees and tuition costs over two years. Add to that Praxis Core and Praxis II costs for your total.

** A new regulation is being created regarding the $100 fee for an educator’s first license application. DEEDS is being programmed to begin charging on January 15th  rather than January 1st to allow adequate time for the process of adopting this new regulation (public comment, board approval, etc.).  This one-time licensure fee will not affect educators who already hold a Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced license. The fee will be collected via credit card in DEEDS (Delaware’s educator credential application system) at the time of application for the first license.  This past summer, the governor signed H.B. 146 Fees for Educator Licensure into law; and that language can be found under Delaware Code, Title 14, Chapter 1, Subchapter II, § 122 Rules and regulations.

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