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Alternative Routes to Certification

ARTC Step by Step

Enrolling in ARTC is a multistep process. Please review the requirements carefully to ensure all the necessary steps are taken. Visit Courses and Costs to learn about the fees for examinations and classes, as well as possible financial support.

1. Getting Started

You provide ARTC with:

  • Your transcript(s) from college courses – unofficial is fine
  • Passing scores from Praxis Core (and any Praxis II exams you may have passed)

ARTC sends you:

  • An email notifying you if and in what subject(s) you are eligible
  • Links and documents to help you in your job search

2. Obtaining a teaching position

You will:

  • Register on Delaware’s DEEDS website to identify possible positions
  • Register on www.joindelawareschools.org to advertise your availability and learn of openings in your field
  • Visit every Delaware school district and charter school that does not us JoinDelawareSchools.org and apply using their system
  • Check all websites daily about new openings
  • Remain persistent, patient and positive!
  • Here is a document prepared by UD’s Career Services Center and modified to address ARTC needs to help prepare you to apply for a teaching position in DE schools.

3. Once you have secured a teaching position

You notify ARTC when you are offered a teaching position.

ARTC will:

The Delaware Department of Education will:

  • issue you a license and emergency teaching certificate.

 4. Meeting your certificate requirements

You will:

  • contact ARTC to begin your course work, registering for your classes each semester.
  • complete the Praxis II (or ACTFL) exam by June 30 of you second year of teaching.

ARTC will:

  • send an annual update of your progress to you and your employer.

5. Receiving your standard certificate

You request that an official UD  transcript be sent to your employer.

ARTC will:

  • send a letter to you, your employer and the DE Dept. of Education, stating that you have completed all required courses for your certification.

Your employer will send a letter to the Dept. of Education recommending you for a standard certificate, based on your having:

  • Completed five ARTC courses with C or better grades
  • Passed the Praxis Core tests and a Praxis II (or ACTFL) exam in your field
  • Received “satisfactory” evaluations of your teaching.

The Dept. of Education will:

  • issue you a standard certificate.

A printed checklist with additional details is available.  

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