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Alternative Routes to Certification

The Delaware Alternate Route for Educators (ARTC+)

Applications are now available for the 2017-2018 school year.  Deadline is June 23, 2017  Noon.

In an attempt to create a rich supply of highly qualified teachers of English language learners, world languages, math, science, and  secondary special education core subjects (English, science, math and social studies) for DE schools, the Delaware Center for Teacher Education and the State of Delaware Department of Education created an intensive alternative pathway to certification called ARTC+.


All applicants to this intensive preparation process must have:

  1. Earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  2. Earned a GPA of 3.0 or better (Consideration of a slightly lower GPA will be made, if warranted.
  3. Met credit requirements:

English language learners, world languages, math or science

Secondary Special Ed/Core Content (SSECC)

  • Earned at least 30 credits in the subject OR be a native speaker of a world language taught in Delaware schools
  • Earned at least 30 credits in one of the core content subjects: English, science, math or social studies

Getting Started

ARTC+ applicants must first complete a ARTC+ Statement of Interest to get started.

If selected, you will then be invited to complete an interview to determine your ability to complete the summer training and subsequent graduate coursework for teacher certification.

ARTC+ Training

Once selected, ARTC+ candidates will:

  1. Attend 45 hrs. of intensive pre-service workshops on 6 Saturdays between July 15 – Aug 19, 2017.
  2. Secondary Sp.Ed./Core Content candidates must also complete one graduate course this summer (July 8- Aug 11).

Once hired, ARTC+ candidates will complete a graduate course schedule required for certification, which should be able to be completed within two years if all courses are taken at the recommended times.

ARTC+ Support

During the intensive summer pre-service experience, candidates will receive assistance with applying and interviewing for teaching positions in Delaware schools for the upcoming school year. The program coordinators of ARTC+ will promote candidates by broadcasting resumes and hosting events at which representatives of Delaware schools and the DE DOE can meet and informally interview candidates for openings.

ARTC+ Sp. Ed. and ELL teachers will receive scholarship money for summer and winter graduate education courses required for certification. They will also be eligible for the State Critical Need Scholarship (CNS) which reimburses teachers for spring and fall graduate education courses required for certification.

During their first year of teaching, ARTC+ candidates will also receive 20 hours of one-on-one, on-site coaching from an outstanding, retired teacher in their content/specialty area. Coaching will include video recording and analysis of the ARTC+ candidates’ teaching, analysis of lesson plans and classroom management strategies, analysis and modeling of successful teaching/learning strategies, and brief regular meetings with the teachers’ mentors and instructional leaders in order to coordinate support for ARTC+ teachers. DPAS II standards will guide all coaching efforts.

Hiring ARTC+ teachers

Delaware schools wishing to hire ARTC+ candidates must agree to:

  1. Provide a mentor to each ARTC+ teacher, according to state DOE guidelines, to assist in the mentorship cycles and orientation to the teaching profession in their new school;
  2. Create a schedule for the ARTC+ teacher wherein he/she can co-plan and co-teach at least one class in their schedule with a veteran outstanding teacher for at least the first semester, if not for the entire school year;
  3. Free up enough time in the ARTC+ teacher’s schedule to observe several successful teachers in the same or similar school during his/her first year;
  4. Provide adequate time and private space for the ARTC+ teacher and their coach to work together on several occasions throughout the school year on that teacher’s professional growth.

For more information about ARTC+, contact Frank Livoy (livoy@udel.edu), Rob Grey (rgrey@udel.edu) or Margie Trenary (trenary@udel.edu).


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